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14th Amendment 150 Years after Ratification

27 Jan 2018 11:04 AM | Dr. Margaret Hill (Administrator)

What Does Equal Protection Mean to Students?
This 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 14th Amendment activity of essay writing or film production may be pursued as either a classroom project or as part of the annual contest. Either way is could be a valuable learning experience.

Students should consider how the Equal Protection Clause applies in high schools, colleges and graduate schools, whether in admissions, classrooms or on athletic fields. Individual students can express their thoughts and ideas in an essay of between 500
and 1,000 words. Individuals and teams of up to three students can produce a 3-5 minute video on the theme. A student may submit both an essay and video. A student may submit only one essay and be involved in the production of only one video.

The essay or video should: 1) Demonstrate an understanding of the historical background of the Equal Protection Clause; 2) Explain the constitutional powers and rights relevant to the court cases and laws mentioned above; and 3) Discuss the important role of the Judicial Branch in preserving the rights of Americans to equal education.

The 2018 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest is open to high school students in nine western states and two Pacific island jurisdictions. Students from public, private, parochial and charter schools and home-schooled students of equivalent grade status may enter.    

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