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IECSS offers information about quarterly H-SS Network meetings, the annual Teachers of Excellence Awards Dinner and other events in which the Council is an affiliate or co-sponsor.  These events have a regional focus and are designed with social studies teachers in Riverside, San Bernardino, and eastern Los Angeles Counties in mind. Other regional and state events are listed in the News section of the website. Please join your colleagues for learning and fellowship.

Upcoming events

    • 28 Sep 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Norte Vista HS, 6585 Crest Ave., Riverside

    Inland Empire Council for the Social Studies 
    invites educators to a timely event on a critically important topic that demonstrates
    to apply global competencies to resolve local problems with impact on the world.

    50th Anniversary of Earth Day
    A Challenge for the New Generation

    featuring Mandy Bush and Connie DeCapite, 
    California Global Education Project (CGEP) CSU Fullerton 
                  Saturday, September 28, 2019    9:00 am – 12:30 pm                
    Norte Vista HS, 6585 Crest Ave., Riverside

    Cost: $25
    (includes a book, classroom resources and refreshments)
    Open to educators grades 4-12 from all content areas. 


    (Payment options: Pay the IECSS paypal directly at <>. Pay with check or purchase order made and mailed to IECSS, 1314 Mulberry Ave., Upland, CA, 91786-2739. Pay at door with cash, check, or credit card. An invoice will be sent once registration is submitted.) 

    Registration questions? Email <>

    The first Earth Day in March 1970 engaged 20 million Americans. It has since become a global event leading the modern environmental movement.We all know, there is much more to do and the stakes are increasing as climate change becomes more rapid. It’s a great way to make global and civic  education relevant with the new generation.                                



    Review the Four Domains of Global Competence through a        lens of environmentalism. 

    Experience ideas to motivate and engage students to           mobilize and take civic action to create sustainable communities locally and globally.

    Learn about projects and activities to engage every student in environmental issues.

    Learn about projects and activities to engage every student in environmental issues.

    Receive classroom resources suitable for your students.

    Prepare to help students participate in larger community Earth Day events.

    Share the flier with friends and colleagues.
    IECSS EarthDay flier final.pdf

Past events

12 Sep 2019 Justice After Genocide
30 May 2019 POSTPONED UNTIL FALL After Genocide - Strategies that Heal Societies Post Conflict
22 May 2019 Rwandan Genocide: Lessons learned and forgotten after 25 years
18 Apr 2019 NewseumED: Free Speech Essentials
28 Mar 2019 US & 21st Century Africa
14 Mar 2019 CCSS Conference - Integrating Technology and Tradition
07 Mar 2019 Human Migration: A Politically Charged Global Issue
23 Feb 2019 Inland Empire Social Studies Jamboree
06 Dec 2018 27th Annual Outstanding Social Studies Educators Awards Dinner
09 Oct 2018 U.S. China Relations in 2018
27 Sep 2018 The Dangers of Nuclear War
29 Aug 2018 Fighting for Cyber Supremacy in an Age of Extremism
23 Jul 2018 Including Multiple Perspectives in the Elementary History Classroom
24 Apr 2018 H-SS Framework Conference
12 Apr 2018 Dalya's Other Country
28 Mar 2018 The Global Fresh Water Crisis
28 Feb 2018 "The New Diplomacy" 21st Century Challenges in Foreign Policy
21 Feb 2018 The Power of Intervention: How Russia is Recapturing its Empire
15 Feb 2018 Minutes to Die - Snakebite: The World's Ignored Health Crisis
31 Jan 2018 Impact of Climate Change in California
07 Dec 2017 Annual Awards Dinner Honoring Social Studies Educators of Excellence in the Inland Empire
05 Dec 2017 U.S.-Turkey Relations: A Partnership in Crisis
24 Oct 2017 China Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections
07 Oct 2017 Our Time Is Now
30 Sep 2017 History-Social Science Networking Meeting
20 Sep 2017 Nominations Now Open for H-SS Educators of Excellence to be Honored at 2017 Annual Dinner
06 Sep 2017 Dueling Narratives of U.S. Relations with Iran
24 Aug 2017 North Korea's Military Challenges - Does the World Have a Good Response?
28 Jul 2017 Better Together: CA Teachers Summit
27 Jun 2017 Understanding Global Issues: Conflict and Peace.
26 Jun 2017 Great Decisions Teacher Training Institute
22 Jun 2017 NAFTA Is It Good or Bad for America?
06 Jun 2017 Information Session for Future History Teachers
15 May 2017 Re-Envisioning Refugees: Empowerment Through Education
13 Apr 2017 Imagineer Your Lessons
24 Mar 2017 An Exploration in History & Social Science: A 21st Century Shift
09 Mar 2017 Anticipating Russia’s Next Move: Can We Tame Putin’s Overreach and Avoid Conflict?
02 Mar 2017 History-Social Science Framework Rollouts
21 Jan 2017 Jamboree 2017 - Meet the New H-SS Framework
12 Nov 2016 Women in Archaeology - Archaeology Discoervy Weekend
10 Nov 2016 Educators of Excellence Awards Dinner
22 Oct 2016 Model UN Conference
18 Oct 2016 CHINA TOWN HALL - Local Connections, National Reflections
24 Sep 2016 Successful Assessment Rubrics - The Mark of Good Teaching
01 Sep 2016 WAC Inland Southern California Welcomes Chief Consul of Mexico in San Bernardino Salomón Rosas Ramírez
28 Jun 2016 Project-Based Learning (PBL) for Creating a Global Classroom
13 Jun 2016 IECSS Planning Meeting
07 Jun 2016 Afghanistan: Peace Caught in the Crosshairs
21 May 2016 Model UN Conference
17 May 2016 U.S. – Cuban Relations: Are the Two Nations Ready for a Meaningful Change?
03 May 2016 Climate Change Geopolitics – It’s Happening but How Much Should Be Done & at What Cost?
28 Apr 2016 Dinosaurs of the Lost Continent
16 Apr 2016 Globalizing Your Classroom
12 Apr 2016 United Nations at 70 - New Goals for Development and a New Leader
05 Apr 2016 Discuss the World with Great Decisions 2016
04 Mar 2016 55th Annual CCSS Conference - Social Studies at the Crest
22 Feb 2016 The Empress of the Blues - - Movie & Discussion for Black History Month
16 Feb 2016 Selma - Movie & Discussion for Black History Month
25 Jan 2016 Tour of Patton State Hospital Museum
03 Dec 2015 "Oh, the Places You'll Go," featuring Emily Schell: Educators of Excellence Annual Awards Dinner
18 Nov 2015 Portrait of Turkey - Turkish Culture Day
26 Oct 2015 History-Social Science Network Meeting
29 Sep 2015 Starting a Great Decisions Discussion Group - Ideas, Resources, and Models to Make It Easy and Fun
20 Jun 2015 Living History Adventure on the High Seas
04 Jun 2015 Silver and Silk: Diversity and Resilience Among China's Ethnic Minorities - Opening Reception
27 Apr 2015 3Es of Technology in the Social Studies Classroom - Easy * Engaging * Educational
06 Mar 2015 Bridges to the Future: 54th Annual CCSS Conference
28 Feb 2015 Spotlight on Turkey
31 Jan 2015 Jamboree 2015....History-Social Studies + Common Core
04 Dec 2014 Time Travel with Amy Tyson - Educators of Excellence Annual Awards Dinner
01 Dec 2014 China’s Foreign Policy and the American Response
03 Nov 2014 U.S. Trade Policy – How Do Trade Agreements Impact the Economy?
27 Oct 2014 Food Security and Climate Change
06 Oct 2014 Islamic Awakening - Is U.S. Policy Adapting Successfully to Recent Political Changes?
29 Sep 2014 Israel and U.S. Foreign Policy
20 Sep 2014 Three County Constitution Day!
05 Jun 2014 IECSS Program Planning
28 Apr 2014 H-SS Network Meeting & Tour of the Lincoln Memorial Shrine
03 Feb 2014 H-SS Network Share-a-thon
29 Jan 2014 What Are the Most Important Things Students Need to Learn About Islam and Muslim Societies in Today’s World?
05 Dec 2013 Teach Like a Pirate! Featuring Dave Burgess: Educators of Excellence Annual Awards Dinner
28 Oct 2013 H-SS Network Meeting - Geography to the Core
30 Sep 2013 COMING SOON! Common Core Success through Technology: Social Studies Inquiry and Investigations
15 Apr 2013 H-SS Network Meeting
12 Mar 2013 Missed CCSS? See Highlights Virtually
28 Jan 2013 Inland Empire H-SS Network – Special Session on Social Studies and the Common Core
29 Nov 2012 Making Powerful Connections - Awards Dinner Honoring Social Studies Teachers of Excellence
15 Oct 2012 H-SS Network Meeting
08 Sep 2012 Constitution Day and H-SS Network Meeting
25 Jun 2012 An Introduction to California's Common Core State Standards for Science and History-Social Science
16 Apr 2012 H-SS Network Meeting
02 Mar 2012 CCSS Annual Conference
30 Jan 2012 H-SS Network Meeting
01 Jun 1990 1990 Annual Meeting
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